Cast Iron Products (Grey and S.G. Iron)

Cast iron products are healthy in nature and you should keep it with your kitchen for a healthy life. Most of us have read about the dangers of using non-stick kitchen vessels. So from now, we should turn around to the usage of cast iron product and we are best at providing cast iron products in Coimbatore. If you using these cast iron this will spread the heat gradually and cook the food smoothly. We can use it on both stove and oven. It gives resistance to deformation and wears resistance. Cast iron used to make pots and pans and its also used for baking purpose. There are plenty of benefits of using cast iron instead of using a non stick pan.

All Iron Alloy and non alloy Products

All iron alloy components consist of iron as the principle element. It may use a wide range of industries because of its flexibility it will use in the heat treatment procedures. Example of iron alloys including steel, stainless steel, alloy 20, Celestrium, Surgical stainless steel, silicon steel. Non alloy products doesn’t contain alloy and it will useful for making desirable properties because of its low weight and higher conductivity. Iron alloy is nothing but alloy with iron. Non alloy products widely used for mechanical and structural use. It can easily be shaped. we provide both iron alloy and non alloy products at minimum price.

Non Ferrous Products

Non ferrous products are products that contain alloy but not iron.It is more costly than iron products because of the flexibility it can be mould easily to the desired shape. This non ferrous metals used in aluminium for aircraft frames, Magnesium transmissions, Titanium for golf clubs, Zinc in electrical hardware, Bronze gears. Due to their high thermal and electrical conductivity it can used in heat and electrical industries. Most of the time non ferrous material can be found in power transmission systems. These are often used in the industrial application like roofing, pipes, gutters and electrical.